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National Service Scheme

Submitted by gcetj_admin on April 9, 2024

1. On account of World Environmental Day, the awareness about ecosystem restoration is carried out through tree sapling plantation by NSS cell in association with AICTE Team on 05.06.2023

2. Tree sapling plantation was carried out as part of NSS activities on 19.10.2023 on a college campus

3. One week NSS camp ( 13.12.2023 to 19.12.2023)  for third-year B.E students was inaugurated on 13.12.2023 at Panchayat Office, Sengipatti. Mr.V.Senthil,AP-Maths, Mrs.G.Indira, AP-Physics, Dr.M.L.Sundararajan, AP-Chemistry Coordinated the programme.