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Industry – Academia activities under initiatives

  • MoU signed with 7 industries (SS Group of Companies, Irrigation Management Training Institute, VIBGYOR Automatic Private Limited, Coimbatore CAD Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Edunet Foundation, Vi Microsystems Pvt. Ltd., and Info System)

  • 5 faculty attended the G20 meet conducted at IIT Techno Park on 31.01.2023. Industrial experts from various parts of the world presented their views about the progress in technology. Several nNumber of countries explored their technologies in the exhibitions.

  • One faculty attended one week of Industrial training organized by DOTE from 25.04.2022 to 29.04.2022. A meeting was held between Industrialists and Faculty members to bridge the gap between the Industry and Academia. TATA Electronics, Hyundait, BharatBenz, VESTAST, TPI Composites, and Grundfoz are some of the reputed industries that have taken part in the discussion and provided training to the faculty. During this training, the faculty members visited the industries and experienced real-time events,

  • Students from CSE visited Industries such as Radio Astronomy Centre-Ooty, UST Global-Trivandrum, Rathinam Radio Station-Coimbatore, SmartCliff Learning Solutions LLP-Coimbatore, and EZOFIS Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.-Tirunelveli during the academic year 2018,2019,2020,2022,2023 respectively.