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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering - About the Department

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About The Department

Electrical Machines Lab  
DC Shunt Generators, DC Series Generators, DC Compound Generators, DC Shunt Motors, DC Series Motor, DC Compound Motors, Single Phase Transformers, Single phase Induction motor, Three phase Induction motor, Synchronous motor.

Electronics Lab
The electronics lab provides the behavioural study of various electronics devices, integrated circuits of low power operation.
Digital Storage Oscilloscope, IC trainer kits, Collection of Analog and Digital measuring equipment.

Power Electronics and Drives Lab
Power electronics and drives lab has equipments like Full and Half Wave Rectifier Modules, Single phase SCR based Fully Controlled Converters, Resonant DC-DC Converter Modules, Single/Three phase PWM Inverter Modules, SCR, TRIAC, MOSFET, IGBT Characteristics Modules, IGBT based Chopper Modules, CROs, Power Supplies, Voltage Commutation Chopper, Current Commutation Chopper, Series Inverter, Parallel Inverter, Three phase SCR Half and Fully Controlled Converter, Speed Controlled DC Shunt Motor using Fully Controlled Converter.

8085 MP kits, 8086 MP kits, 8051 Micro-Controller Kits, 8255 Interfacing Boards, 8253 Timer Counter,8279 Keyboard / Display Interface Boards.