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நான் முதல்வன்

நான் முதல்வன்


Naan Mudhalvan started in the year 2022. In total, 1095 students attended the 19 courses and 20 staffs attended the training and enhanced their skills during odd semester of 2022-2023. 564 students attended 13 courses and 15 staffs trained and enhanced their skills during even semester of 2022-2023. There are 82 students placed in the 12 companies through Naan Mudhalvan job fair mela held at SASTRA UNIVERSITY on 10.05.2023.

In Odd semester of 2023-2024, 245 first year students enrolled Cambridge English course and 290 Second year students are attending Microsoft Office Fundamentals course.159 third year students are attending Employability Skills whereas 110 third year students are attending Naalaya Thiran Course.297 final year students attended the following courses


2.Industry 4.0 and its applications

3.Solar PV System

4.Network essentials

5.Full Stack Development with Java