Mrs. S. Subalakshmi

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Mrs. S. Subalakshmi
Assistant Professor
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B +ve
Course Taught: 
  1. Linear Integrated Circuits & applications,
  2. Control systems,
  3. Electrical Machine Design,
  4. Flexible AC transmission systems,
  5. Transmission & Distribution,
  6. Measurements & Instrumentation,
  7. Circuit Theory,
  8. High Voltage DC Transmission Systems.
Area Of Specialization: 
Control systems
Handling First Year Course (if Any): 
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.,



1. Prathyusha Engineering College, Thiruvallur - From 01/06/2009 to 04/05/2016     

2. JJ college of Engineering & Technology, Trichy - From 01/07/2004 to 11/08/2008 

Publication in journals: 



1. "Multilevel Inverter with Coupled Inductors with Sine PWM Techniques" in IJAREEIE,Vol 3,Issue 11,Nov'14

2. "Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Boost Voltage Source Inverter", in IJSR , Vol 4,Issue 4, Apr'15 

3. "Single Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverter with H6 type Configuration using Hybrid Modulation method" in IJAIR,vol 4,Issue 5,May 2015                                                                                                          

Paper Presented in Conferences: 



1. "SVM Based Boost Derived Hybrid Converter for Simultaneous AC & DC Loads" at NCRI'15, St.Joseph College of Engg, Chennai-602117 on March 6,2015    

2. " Photovoltaic Fed Booster H6 inverter for Standalone "at NCRI'15, St.Joseph College of Engg, Chennai-602117 on March 6,2015


1. "Multilevel Inverters with Coupled Inductors for High Power Applications" @ Sri Venkateshwara College of Engg & Technology on 17th APR,2013



Seminar - Organized

1. Seminar on "Smart Grid Infrastructure & Networking" at  Prathyusha Engineering College on 14th March 2013.

Seminar - Attended

1. Seminar on "Application of Power Electronics to Power Transmission & Distribution Systems"  at  Prathyusha Engineering College on 3rd & 4th DEC 2009.   

2. Seminar on " Power Quality Issues, Problems & Solutions " at SMK Fomra Inst Of Tech., Chennai-603103 on it Dec 2012.

3. Seminar on "Power Electronics for renewable energy systems"  at  Prathyusha Engineering College on 4th & 5th  DEC 2013.

4. Seminar on " Renewable Energy Production & its Challenges"  at  Prathyusha Engineering College on 29th Apr 2015.

Faculty Development Programs:         

1. Anna University FDP on "EE2036- Flexible AC Transmission Systems " from 16.12.15 to 23.12.15