Department Of Electrical & Electronic Engineering - PEO & PO


1.To induce the students to design electrical, electronivs and computing systems that are innovative and socially acceptable.
2. To motivate the students to exibit professionalism, ethics, communication skills and team work.
3. To motivate them to adapt to current trends through life long learning.
4. To motivate the students and faculty to do useful and application oriented research.


1. Broad  theoretical knowledge in Electrical Engineering and the methods to applying them to identify, formulate and solve practical problems involving electrical signals and power.
2. Capability to design, implement and evaluate the solutions of complex engineering problems through research methodologies.
3. Capability to apply the techniques of using appropriate tools to investigate, analyze, design, simulate, fabricate the complete systems involving generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. 4. Capability to use modern engineering tools to apply advanced techniques and components for analysis and control of electrical engineering problems.